Youth Pioneer Production

For two nights, July 23rd & 24th, a cast of over 150 youth depict, with dance and music, the journey of the Utah Pioneers. Witness for yourself the epic struggles and celebrations of the pioneer trek West, and their attempt to settle the untamed valleys of Utah. 

Sitting under the canopy of stars you will witness wagons, hand- carts, live animals, music, special guests, and one of the largest firework display in the valley. This production, held at the West Jordan Arena with the vast mountains as the backdrop, will display the beauty of the valley much as it was seen by the settlers as they first entered the valley.
For the first time the story of the original settlers is told, conveying the history of  Utah's settlers, such as Catholic missionary colonizers; Greek and Italian pioneers; the Chinese, Jewish, and Mormon settlers; as well as the Native Americans. You will see the hard work, attacks, death and sorrow, however it will be overcome by the comradeship, celebrations, Indian dances, and fireworks throughout the show. 


JULY 23 & 24, 2015

Doors open: 6:00 pm 

Pre-show: 7:00 pm

Show Begins: 8:00 pm

Youth Pioneer Production Begins: 9:15 pm

Fireworks: 10:15 pm

ASL Seating and Interpreter will be provided on July 23rd



*Events are free, but donations are always welcome and appreciated

as donations go toward helping the hearing impaired.  

West Jordan Arena

8035 South 2200 West

West Jordan, UT 84088


Pioneer Legacy Award


We are pleased to have The Five Strings and The Rock Project join us this year for our entertainment, along with skydivers, live animals and giving the gift of hearing to 10 families in need. There will be a different performer each night with entertainment for the whole family! See our Entertainment Page for more information






Each year, we honor members of the community who have shown exceptional attributes and contributions toward society. These are our modern day pioneers and we wish to honor them for making the world a better place. 


We are honored to be able to present the 2015 Pioneer Legacy Awards to the following individuals for their pioneering spirit, example and difference they make in our communities:


Dick Motta (2015)


Mark & Sally Dietlein (2015)






Past UPD Honorees 

Gov. Norm Bangerter (2014)


Gene Fullmer (2014)


Doug Wright (2014)


Larry H. & Gail Miller (2013)


Dick Norse (2013)


Jake Garn (2013)


Virl & Tom Osmond (2012)


WJ City Police & Fire Department (2012)


Sons & Daughters of the Pioneers (2012)



Each summer, the Youth Pioneer Production is performed within the West Jordan Arena in front of thousands of spectators each night. This summer, the Youth Pioneer Production will be held July 23rd & 24th. To find out more information on how you can participate in the production, click the link below.

2015 Pioneer Productions Cast Members

Madisen Anderson

Wyatt Ballard

Emma Beal

Lizzy Bettinson

Annabelle Bos

Joy Bowe

Max Brakey

Adison Brotherson

London Brotherson

Preston Brotherson

Colby Bryant

Eliza Burrows

Kambri Butcher

Candace Cajilig

Micah Cajilig

Paris Campbell

Samantha Campbell

Jack Cobabe

Shae Davis

Alison Densley

Emmie  Dixon-Grantham

Aedan Dye

JK Dye

Joseph Dye

Naybi Dye

Rhonda Dye

Grace Erickson

Jayden Eschler

Jayleigh Eschler

Jaicee Frank

Joe Frank

Landon Frank

Paige Frank

Olivia Franz

Alison Furse

Mary Furse

Mckenzie Gerber

Sophia Green

Sirikay Hawkes

Emma Haws

Andrew Haycock

Curtis Haycock

Emily Haycock

Samantha Haycock

Christian Hill

Phoenix Hunsaker

Sheaux Hunsaker

Dallin Jeffery

Hannah Jeffery

Katie Jeffery

Jace Jensen

Braxton Johnson

Jaylee Johnson

Jayson Johnson

Sharalee Johnson

Aubrey Jones

Taylor Jones

Whitney Jones

Spencer Kauer

Daxton Kopaunik

Azalea Kotter

Brooklyn Kotter

Ireland Kotter

Oaklee Kotter

Brooklin Lance

Dante Larsen

Autumn LeBaron

Brookley LeBaron

Alex Leon

Riley Martin

Joseph Maxfield

Kayla Miller

Danielle Millet

Kailey Millet

Kaysha Millet

Colton Mitchell

Misty Mitchell

Taylor Mitchell

Megan Oaks

Amelia Pack

Eric Pack

Isaac Pack

Shelby Pack

Brigham Peck

Breslyn Peterson

Camryhn Peterson

Kennedy Peterson

Mckenna Peterson

Brandon Rasmussen

Ellen Rasmussen

Jonathan Rasmussen

Samuel Rasmussen

Susannah Rasmussen

William Rasmussen

Shaneen Reed

Cameryhn Reynolds

RyLee Reynolds

Ariel Robbins

Sierra Robbins

Killian Rogers

Brennan Rowley

Lucy Rowley

Rebecca Rowley

Samantha Rowley

Adison Sanchez

Jordan Sanchez

Mark Sanchez

Melissa Sanchez

Trinity Sanchez

Jeremiah Sandberg

Savannah Sandberg

Aspen Saxey

Cole Saxey

Dylan Sayre

Abbie Shawcroft

Ellie Shawcroft

Tyler Shawcroft

Zach Shawcroft

Dakota Shields

Destiny Shields

Gabby Shields

Kiara Shields

Sara Shields

Daisy Simpson

Paige Simpson

Bryan Stephenson

Dechane Tettira

Kaysha Timothy

Talon Timothy

Emily Trujillo

Pauline Tukumoeatu

Suliasi Tukumoeatu

Desiree Ulberg

Sidney Ulberg

Emily Villamuaeva

Noemi Villanueva

Sydney Wardle

Mathew Wheat

Megan Wheat

Kayden Wilmsen

Kiarah Wilmsen

Malia Witcamp

Ginger Witkamp

Brenna Wood

Colton Wood

Mike Wood